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Green Practices

Jayhawk Pharmacy cares about the environment and the sustainability of its business. Because of this we have incorporated green practices into the way we run our business.

Medication Disposal

Bring in your unused and expired medications for disposal any time and we will take care of them in an environmentally safe way.

At Jayhawk Pharmacy we remind you to please dispose of your unused and expired medications responsibly. Due to concerns about medications contaminating the water supply we have provided a list of best practices for safe disposal.

Please follow these practices for the safest disposal:

  • DO NOT FLUSH and DO NOT POUR unused medications down a toilet, sink or drain.
  • Responsibly dispose of controlled substances or narcotics in household trash, ensuring you are taking precautions to protect children and pets from potential harm.
  • Pour medication into a sealable plastic bag or container. If medication is solid, crush and add water to dissolve.
  • Add something non-toxic to the bag or container to make it unpalatable and less appealing to children or pets (kitty litter, sawdust, coffee grounds, etc).
  • Seal the bag or container and put it in the regular trash.
  • Be sure to remove and destroy all identifying personal information from prescription labels and containers before throwing away or recycling.
  • Consult your pharmacist with any questions


We recycle all drug manufacturer bottles, paper, printer toners and plastics. For our prescription bottles, we have recently switched to TriState ProMaxx containers. These bottles can be recycled anywhere and also include recycled post consumer PET, making them the most sustainable prescription products available on the market. We also encourage paperless practices during our daily business.

Carbon Offsets

We offset our carbon footprint every year using supports third party validated renewable energy, energy efficiency and reforestation projects globally that reduce carbon dioxide emissions and the threat of climate change.