Covid shots and boosters for adults and kids

Pharmacy Services

For refills, visit the store and we will give you a new bottle.
Visit us today at 3510 Clinton Pl, Suite 220 or call us at 785-843-0111. FREE delivery is available.

Complete Pharmaceutical Solutions

  • Diabetic supplies – Our stock includes lancets, test strips, needles, syringes, and insulin. We can also bill DME to your Medicare Part B insurance
  • Insurance – We accept most prescription insurance plans such as private/third-party insurance, Medicare and Medicare D Plans, Kansas Medicaid, and workers’ compensation
  • We now offer billing for Medicare Part B equipment and rentals
  • Worker’s Compensation direct billing is now available

Multivitamins for Your Children

Help make your kids as healthy as possible with services from Jayhawk Pharmacy. Our program offers free high-quality daily multivitamins to children aged between 2 and 18. All active and current customers and their families can take advantage of this offer by signing up. We are a locally and family-owned business, providing excellent pharmaceutical solutions since 1980.

Supplements & Minerals

Natural herbal over-the-counter section – We have an extensive selection of natural and herbal remedies for all your holistic needs.

Contact us for more information on our Supplements, Minerals, and other health product offerings. 

Rentals & Injections

Crutch, walker, cane, scooter rental and sales – We offer rentals and sales in various sizes and options for crutches, walkers, canes, and scooters. Contact or visit us for pricing and options.

Pulmo-Aide Nebulizer rental – We require $40 deposit for rental and $5 weekly fee.

We administer vaccination and testosterone injections including flu shots and shingles. We are able to bill on most insurances and do charge a fee of $25 if paying cash.